How to synchronize my nike+ data with my Runkeeper account ?

  1. Authorize connection to my Nike+ account

    Go to the address
    Fill in the form, and click on "Connect to Nike+"

  2. Click on 'Runkeeper' connection button

    On top of your activities, click on 'Runkeeper' button

  3. Authorize connection to my Runkeeper account

    Click on 'Allow' to accept the link between and Runkeeper

  4. New Runkeeper buttons appear

    The connection button should appear completely
    And a new button with the 'Runkeeper' logo, should appear at the end of each activity line

  5. Synchronize an activity

    Click on Runkeeper logo of running activity that you want to synchronize

  6. Synchronization ending

    When the synchronization is over, a green Runkeeper logo should appear